R1200 GS

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Welcome to the next generation of adventure bikes! The 1200 boxer twin is now water-cooled, with ride-by-wire throttle and your choice of riding modes, traction control, anti-lock brakes and electronic suspension adjustment. Horsepower and torque are far more than adequate. Comfort, always a GS strong point, is better than ever, for passengers too. It's big, but it's surprisingly well mannered in tight spaces, and three seat height options mean normal-sized people can ride this most capable motorcycle.

Motorcycle Specs

Displacement - 1170 cc
Horsepower - 125 hp
Weight - 439 lbs
Seat Height - 31.1 / 35.0 in
Tank - 5.2 gal
Saddlebags - yes
Windshield - yes
Luggage Rack - yes
Top Case - available

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