Africa Twin

The Paris-Dakar legend is back and it's glorious! Honda's Africa Twin looks like a big adventure bike but rides like a middleweight, due to low weight and narrow gas tank and seat. Power unit is a compact 1000 cc parallel twin; a 270-degree crank gives the feel and sound of a V-twin, without the bulk. Seat height is adjustable, meaning average-size riders have little problem climbing aboard. Upside-down forks, traction control, easily managed ABS, and a linear torque curve make this bike a real pleasure to ride into the sunset.

Motorcycle Specs

Displacement - 998 cc
Horsepower - 94 hp
Weight - 534 lbs
Seat Height - 33.5 / 34.4 in
Tank - 4.96 gal
Saddlebags - yes
Windshield - yes
Luggage Rack - yes
Top Case - available

$175 / day