Street Twin

Don't just call it retro! This twin-shock Triumph combines the best of new and old into a stylish, fun to ride modern classic. The T120 Street Twin now boasts liquid cooling, reliable electrics, fuel injection, modern tires, brakes and suspension. Classic is the look, while the light weight, the razor-sharp road handling, and the perfect low exhaust note make for a great all-around ride in the city or out on the back roads. Just listening to the bike is enough to bring a smile to anyone's face, but you get to ride it, too!

Motorcycle Specs

Displacement - 900 cc
Horsepower - 55 hp
Weight - 437 lbs
Seat Height - 29.5 in
Tank - 3.2 gal
Saddlebags - yes
Windshield - no
Luggage Rack - no
Top Case - no

$165 / day