Motorcycling safer than eating indoors during COVID! đŸ’„

The truth is finally out!! Motorcycling is safer than eating indoors during a pandemic 🙂 (at least in California it is).

As San Francisco gives re-opening another chance, we're stoked (and amused) our tours are featured by the San Francisco Travel Association as one of the first and safest experiences to indulge in. 

The San Francisco Travel Association, has included Native Moto Adventures experiences alongside other safe and thrilling activities such as a visit to the Golden Gate Botanical Gardens, Wine and Cannabis tours, and outdoor classical music concerts.

This is a great testament to motorcyclists worldwide who have been arguing with their parents, spouses, significant others, and friends about the virtues of getting behind handlebars flaunting their "knees in the breeze."

motorcycling safe during covid as San Francisco re opens

No longer will your nurse friend give you a hard time for putting your life at risk and relying on a "brain bucket" for survival. We can finally lay that argument to rest, and guess who won? Who would have thought, just a few weeks ago, that outdoor dining plan with your friends would have landed the lot of you in the ER ward. It is not an unusual experience to see our life passing before our eyes each time we consider an indoor dinner hangout with friends. 

However, we were a little surprised to see Segway tours featured in that safe list knowing the inherent danger those wobbly machines pose to one's social status and reputation.

All joking aside : Stay safe. Wear your gear. Ride responsibly !