F A Q s

What's in a name?

We believe the more memorable trips and the most authentic travel is done from the point of view of a local or native to the area. More than just a guided adventure baked in with deep local knowledge, we aim to connect riders from all over the world visiting our beautiful backyard with local bikers for a true Californian experience.

Because we're an adventurous bunch, it is very likely we will meet again and ride roads and trails together in other parts of our amazing planet. You're about to unlock many more rides.

Why we're different.

  1. We craft participative social riding adventures.
  2. We're San Francisco locals, we know the best roads and the "secret" back roads: every turn, every pothole.
  3. We're connected to the local riding communities. You ride with the locals who join our excursions.
  4. We're gender balanced.

Can I ride as a passenger or pillion?

If you are doing your tour with a friend or partner who will be doing the driving, you can certainly ride as a passenger or pillion with them. We do not take sole passengers unfortunately.

Do you offer motorcycle or motorbike rentals?

So glad you asked, well yes we do! We focus on building and running the best tours and experiences, and we have a trusted local rental partner who manages an exciting fleet of motorbikes. Whether you want a BMW, a Honda, a Ducati, or a Harley Davidson, we can help you secure your ideal bike to go along with your California dream ride. Check out our wide moto selection and be sure to select that option on the checkout page.

You also have the choice or bringing your own motorcycle or renting through your own channels. Whatever option you choose, we promise to make it as easy as possible for you.  Scroll down for contact info on the most trusted motorcycle rental companies and moto-sharing websites.

Should I bring my own motorcycle gear?

Along with your motorcycle rental, you can opt to add a helmet and/or protective jacket. If you have space in your luggage, there is no substitute for your own fitted gear. There is also the option to buy some gear at local moto shops. Ask us, we'll be glad to help.

Why don't I just rent a motorcycle and use the GPS?

You absolutely can. However, we can think of 3 big reasons why it's NOT a good idea:

1. Time to research, plot a route, and (maybe) find the epic backroads.
2. Riding while checking your phone / GPS unit is dangerous (and no fun)
3. The GPS unit won't help you connect to the California culture and to other riders.

Do I need an international driver / rider’s license?

A valid motorcycle license issued in your state or country is acceptable as well as an international license.

Do I need insurance?

Yes, insurance is required in California and is generally provided by the rental company at the time of signing the rental contract. We recommend you make sure that your rental unit is covered either by your own policy or any other that you sign up for at the rental dealership. There usually is a reimbursable deposit to cover minimum damages, which can be put on your credit card. Rental companies may offer Loss Damage Waiver coverage that is highly recommended considering the price of most motorcycles.

What experience do I need as a rider?

We require that you have at least 2 years of street riding, ideally with motorcycles 600cc and above. If you're planning on having a passenger, we require that you have previous experience riding with one. The bike dynamics change as a result.

Should I be riding a Harley-Davidson to get the full California experience?

Not necessarily, but if it's your dream, go for it!  In true Californian spirit, we welcome all human and bike types with open arms. Keep in mind that that, depending on your skill level, a big touring Harley or Indian will be heavier and might be not be as maneuverable in the twisties as another bike with higher clearance.

Is there an additional charge for mileage?

Most (if not all) rentals come with unlimited (or plenty of) mileage. There are way too many beautiful roads to worry about that.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept debit cards, credit cards, PayPal, and cash in person. We do require the advance deposit to be made using an electronic form of payment or a wire transfer.

Where can I rent a motorcycle?


EagleRider | San Francisco

EagleRider is our preferred partner and we can take care of all your rental formalities if you book a tour with us. Chad and his team are incredibly helpful and friendly. EagleRider is famous for their Harley Davidsons, and they also have a big selection from BMW, Ducati, Honda, Kawasaki, KTM, Suzuki, Triumph and Yamaha. - hurry, they go fast!

Riders Share | Peer-to-peer moto sharing

Like Airbnb or Turo for motorcycles. Free cancellations.

Twisted Road | Peer-to-peer moto sharing

Like Airbnb or Turo for motorcycles.